We need a Councillor who is available outside the regular 9-5 to address the 24/7 needs of our city. I will be a Councillor who gives O-day’min the attention it deserves. You deserve a Councillor who works for you, who is passionate about representing our community and learning about what’s important to you.

Joshua Wolchansky

For as long as I can remember, I have been dedicated to community and public service. In seeing how the last year has impacted families, workers, businesses, seniors, artists, and students, I have reflected on the privilege and opportunities I’ve had in my life here in Edmonton. I thought long and hard about how best I can step up and serve my community.

I was lucky to have a single mother as a role model. Watching her go back to school at the age of 40 while raising my sister and I taught me the value of hard work. I have a family that loves me and accepted me when I came out of the closet – when many LGBTQ2S+ youth are shunned or pushed out. As a young adult, I cemented a relationship with my father, which taught me the value of vulnerability, and open communication.

I had the opportunity to attend Victoria School, here in the heart of the ward, where I developed lifelong friendships and had the opportunity to explore who I am and what gives me joy. I’ve been able to pursue my passions of performing arts, public service, and community advocacy.  I’ve had the immense fortune of falling in love with a partner who’s grown with me over the last eight years and been my support system, and has checked me when I’m not being true to myself. Of friends who have inspired me and surrounded me in love.

This city has given me a sense of purpose, community, and standing up for what we believe in.

Through my work with the Alberta Public Service, I have advocated for transparent decision making, increased information flow, and strengthened worker protections. Through my community advocacy work with the Fruit Loop Society of Alberta, I have leveraged the strengths of the local economy to benefit marginalized members of our community. I’ve been able to hone my public speaking and communication skills by producing events for the LGBTQ2S+ community. Now, I want to use what I have learned to directly improve the lives of those around me, as your Councillor here in O’day-min.

I have had incredible opportunities in my life. To be myself, to follow my dreams, and work for a better community. I want to make sure every Edmontonian has the same opportunity.