I’m running because I love this city. I have a vision and a plan for how this ward will reignite the heart of our city and get this city and our province back on its feet. Let’s reignite the economy, make bold social progress, and connect our communities.

Let’s fight for the heart of our city – together.

Joshua WolchanskyCity Councillor Candidate for O'Day-min

Accessible, responsive representation

I believe City Council should know when to lead, support, or get out of the way. Through your advice and my commitment to responsive, transparent decision-making, we have the potential to accomplish a bold, progressive vision of inclusion and community wellness.

My promise to you:

● Regular information sessions and town hall meetings hosted online.

● Build Partnerships with businesses, community associations, and labour to support innovation and grassroots solutions.

● A belief Council should know when to lead, support, or get out of the way.

● Create communities that celebrate Edmonton as a diverse, intersectional community.

Reignite the heart

● Make our spaces more welcoming by activating our green spaces, and keeping our streets and sidewalks well-lit, and clean.

● Increase vibrancy along our main streets and reduce parking pressures

 ○ by introducing a piloted program of fare-free transit system-wide on weekends,

 ○ and exploring the potential of a fare-free dedicated circulator route, connecting the heart of our city.

● Leverage the hospitality, live entertainment, and creative industries’ expertise, to increase economic activity in O-day’min.

● Explore a patio program including longer patio seasons, more dog-friendly amenities, and an easier process to extend patios.

● Encourage and incentivize adaptive reuse such as refitting vacant office space for retail, laboratory, residential, or student/affordable housing uses, by working with local stakeholders to identify opportunities.

● Leverage the Festival City’s can-do attitude to increase activity and vibrancy by working with local stakeholders through a dedicated liaison such as a ‘Night Mayor.’

City services that work for you

City Services should work for you. With my experience working in operations as a public servant, I know how to deliver services safely and keep the City running efficiently. I will fight to make it easier to work and play in the Festival City, from efficient waste management services to reducing onerous red tape.

What I'll fight for:

● Cleaner sidewalks and well-maintained roads

● Improved park and recreation maintenance

● Support for local businesses impacted by City capital projects

● Better parking way-finding in the downtown core

● Less red tape and easier permitting processes

Strengthened communities

You deserve to live in an amazing community. Let’s work together to protect our green spaces, and to build places where we can gather and connect with each other. I will fight to make sure neighbourhoods have the resources they need so that you can focus on living your life to the fullest.

What I’ll fight for:

● Empowering communities to pilot initiatives that work for them

● Keeping and maintaining public facilities for the public

● Building vibrant, connected communities with open public spaces

● Strengthening City Council’s relationship with community leagues and community organizations

How we will do it:

● Ensure that every community has:

 ○ Dedicated green space

 ○ Community hubs

 ○ More dedicated dog parks

● Complete O-day'min's bike lane network

● Empower communities to pilot programs such as green technology and climate resiliency initiatives

● Introduce arts enrichment grants for seniors and continuing care facilities

● Deliver on amenities such as recreation facilities and community gardens - and keep them accessible and publicly city operated

● Build on our city by using sensible infill strategies and housing solutions that make sense for our neighbourhoods

A vibrant economy

Edmonton is a city of opportunities. We need to continue investing in our people, who have built an Edmonton that is strong and open for innovation. I will fight to attract new investments in emerging fields, prioritize and protect our local workforce, build capacity for new ideas, and keep the leaders of tomorrow in our city. Let’s build for the future.

What I'll fight for:

● Attracting new investments in emerging fields such as agri-tech and machine learning

● Building and innovating for the future

● Retaining our city’s brain trust

● Protecting our local economy

An inclusive city

You deserve to feel at home in Edmonton. I will fight to honour this city’s heritage as a gathering place, as a place of learning, celebration, and community building. Let’s fight to build trust and create connection, and make it clear that this city will not tolerate hatred and division. Let’s connect from the heart.

What I’ll fight for

● Establish Indigenous public art throughout our city, reflecting our location on Treaty Lands.

● Incorporated Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge in City development proposals.

● Ensure our city’s policies, programs, and partners are actively anti-racist, anti-homophobic, and inclusive of the diversity of our communities.

● Address the poverty and housing crisis through:

 ○ supportive and affordable housing.

 ○ harm reduction and mental health supports.

 ○ wraparound social services, working with government and community partners.

● Establish a Shelter User Bill of Rights that protects the diverse needs of the community.

● A joint Action Plan to stop race-motivated violence, working with community partners and all levels of government.

● Ensure we build and maintain Edmonton to protect and welcome Persons with Disabilities to ensure our city is barrier-free.

● Uphold any municipal jurisdiction Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action.

An environmentally resilient city

In Edmonton, we’re not afraid of hard winters. We see the storm on the horizon, and rise to meet it. Let’s tackle climate change, and build our city to weather the surprises of tomorrow’s storms. Let’s introduce programs to understand and enjoy our River Valley. Let’s do the work to be a leader in climate resiliency, and keep our city’s heart beating strong for generations to come.

What I’ll fight for:

● A new River Valley Ambassador program to facilitate the safe enjoyment, recreation, and education of the green gem of our city including traditional Indigenous land uses.

● Invest in technologies and building practices that rise to the challenge of shifting climate trends such as FireSmart, flood resiliency, and waste reduction initiatives.

● Update O-day’min’s drainage infrastructure to weather Edmonton’s storms.

● Integrate Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge into City developments in and around the River Valley.