Joshua Wolchansky

Let’s fight for the heart of our city

O-day’min is the heart of our city. With the highest population density, four post-secondary institutions, and the majority of our arts and culture, hospitality, and labour activity. It generates millions of dollars in economic activity for Edmontonians.

The heart of our city is in danger. Our economy is stalled, the housing and poverty crises need urgent attention, people have less opportunity, and we are losing our sense of community. 

On October 18, we will decide who is elected to be our next representative – our voice on Council. We need to elect a Councillor who will fight for the heart of the City. 

I want to honour our ward’s heritage as a gathering place – a place of building new opportunities. We can make it through these challenges by working together and embracing what ties us together. 

As your Councillor, I promise to fight for progress and inclusion, and lead with empathy. I will be a strong voice for workers and our local economy, for the hospitality sector, and for bold social progress. We will leverage our unique strengths to address the challenges we face.

Joshua Wolchansky





From the housing and poverty crises, to reigniting this city’s economy and ensuring community safety, our Council will need to work together to deliver for you. We need to champion a vision for progress, inclusion, and opportunity. 

I’m asking for your support in becoming the next Councillor for Ward O-day’min.  I am a passionate, community-minded advocate. I believe in thoughtful progress, transparent decision-making, and celebrating what makes O-day’min a haven for opportunity – from the hospitality sector, our vibrant arts scene, innovative local businesses, and committed public service. 

I believe in supporting the local economy, strengthening social benefits, and leveraging our unique strengths to address the challenges we face.  

I believe that every Edmontonian has a right to feel safe, supported, and welcomed. To feel like they are a part of a community that celebrates our vibrant diversity, and reflects our platform and dreams.

Let’s fight for the heart of our City. Together.



Joshua's plan to tackle the issues that will make O-day’min and Edmonton an even better place to work, live and create connection.



The heart through which the North Saskatchewan River runs.


We strongly endorse Joshua Wolchansky to be elected to Edmonton’s City Council as the next O'day-min City Councillor. We know that if Joshua is elected to Edmonton’s City Council he will fight for all members of our community and proudly be the voice for our businesses, workers, families and all who reside in O'day-min!

Andrea Kotylak-BoydOperating Partner, Starlite Room

Edmonton is a Festival City, and we need a strong downtown. We need a council who will make it easier for businesses and nonprofits to showcase the diversity, talent, and heart of our communities. Joshua’s professional and community experience makes him an excellent candidate to do just that. He's the Councillor who will amplify the creativity and compassion that make Edmonton vibrant.

Rob BrowatzkeOwner, Evolution Wonderlounge; Resident, Prince Rupert

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